Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Those old Hymns

I have nine million ultra-serious thoughts on my brain today. Lessons learned and faith tests that are pressing hard, parenting skills that I seem to be gaining or struggling with by the hour, just basic life stuff that seems to weigh on a woman. 

I'd love to sit down here someday and spill them all. Put fingers to the keyboard and share just exactly what God almighty has done. But the thing about life is - the answers or the learned lesson isn't so obvious right away. That's where I am. On the PRE side of learning. I'm the on verge of so much... but it's not yet. So if I seem fluffy in my posts the next few days - it's not that I'm avoiding deep thoughts and truths, but rather, enjoying the light and happy things while LIVING the hard things in private. And I think we all do this from time to time. I can, however, tell you one thing - the body of Christ is POWERFUL. The power of prayer is ASTOUNDING. Obedience to trust and not fret... is a HARD lesson, hard obedience. But the reward is rich and sweet. 

{deep breath}

As I've mentioned, tomorrow we are due for a big ol' winter storm. {grin} I know I'm the only crazy around here who actually enjoys this news and is actually planning on it. When it falls we plan to make snow ice cream, which we've never done. We plan to build a snow family in the yard. I'm hoping to try some food coloring in spray bottles to "paint" with outside on the pretty white stuff. I have plans! The girls and I hopped down to Goodwill this morning to find some snow pants for Ava. She still doesn't have any and I just thought today - maybe we could find a super cheap pair for just this one special storm that's left. Make it a big deal! And we did :) We love our Goodwill store. 
We found a great and sturdy pair of red snow pants just for my special 4 year old and this special storm. 

This goober just means the world to me! 

Besides fun in the snow - I was hoping to get a jump start on some spring crafty type things. I'm hoping to do a whole hymn themed look for spring/Easter and of course you can find a zillion of those ideas on Pinterest. I have a more modern hymnal that can be made to look older...but, was hoping to score a genuine real old one, so I've been looking each time we go to a thrift store. Found one today. Ultra old and even falling apart. 
I'm not 100% familiar with a hymnary - but, it has readings in it and multiple other "areas" besides simple hymns. It's a beaut and smells just like an old basement library. :) It's perfect for some of these ideas I found today:

Hymnal Music Banner Tutorial
Painted words or letters for a bunting {which, I seem to do a bunting for EVERY holiday}
hymnal garland
Hymnal paper chain...bunting. :) 
Love this. Cover a canvas {or large piece of cardboard}, paint over letters, then peel to reveal.
Shabby Love: Rustically Romantic~I love this line from Pride and Prejudice
Cloche with small frame and hymn paper
hymnal and cross.   Easter idea...
Hymnal on display with cross
hymns. oooh super easy. Everything is at Walmrt or hobby lobby
This was a Christmas idea - but thinking of "Risen" or "Alive" instead.

Something about those old hymns - special and beautiful. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and if you are due for snow - ENJOY! 

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Lanora said...

I know the church has decided to become more contemporary with its music choices - but there is something so powerful about old hymns! I love them and wish we sang them more often... even if there is a modern chorus thrown in or two ;)

What have you decided to do with your old hymns? Save them? make that bunting? I vote bunting ;)