Friday, February 22, 2013

The not so much snow.

It always starts SO big. "We could see 20 inches of snow" said the weather person last week. And in my mind I'm planning and smiling and half pretending that we'll be the Ingalls family in the little house during that bad winter.

So, when the "storm" started right at 3pm on the nose like they predicted. I was surprised. It was coming down fast and within a few minutes a light sheet of white had covered things. {grin}
I started to take a picture an hour...
Until it all stopped within just a few. Nothing. No more flakes. So, instead we gave up and went to bed. 

This morning we woke up and it had indeed snowed - more then while we were awake. Pretty white covered everything and as usual the plows hadn't touched our street. {we seem to be last priority as far as roads go, which is fine by me.} I quick grabbed this shot as the soft glow of the morning sun began to rise. 

It's still beautiful, even if not 20 inches. We'll take what we were given and make the most of it. I have two precious girls who are excited and my hubby is home for the day on his day off. :) 

All too soon the weather will warm up and the schedule will fill and we'll be in a new season. This blog post reminded me to treasure and even savor each season - not rushing for the next one. Check out (in)courage here.

And enjoy your snow, no matter how much or how little. :)

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