Sunday, June 2, 2013

BIG news on this adventure.

Saturday evening we got the text letting us know that the offer that SOLD our house had come in. The number we specifically prayed about was locked in. Sold. Our house has been sold. It still doesn't seem real - especially as the dishwasher swishes, the living room is once again a sea of toys and blankets, and life is still normal. But, it's our reality. Our beautiful home on 1st street will very soon just be another memory in our book of life. And the adventures continue...

Right now we don't have a plan for the next move. We are praying about getting as close to our church and people as we can. We really do feel the importance in that - and are praying and asking the Lord for His clear direction, and we'll wait on that. There is a part of me that is SO excited to just wait and see. I kinda like this uncomfortable unknown...oh, the mystery. The realistic and planner type part of me knows we will soon need to look into a place to rent. ;) 

We have once again seen the Lord work in our lives and hearts in very real and specific ways. Join us in rejoicing! And, might I ask that you keep praying on with us? 

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