Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday
It has been raining here all night and throughout the day today. Thunderstorms woke me up several times last night, and the muggy outdoors today made us stay in the AC for most of the morning. Summer is here! :) I'm hoping this dark afternoon and the lull of the raindrops will keep my girls napping long - I have a lot of packing to do. Honestly, it's not that bad...but, it's packing. Plenty of time for a quick HHM!

The weather:
Rain. Thunderstorms. More rain. Winds.

Right now I am:
Taking a packing break and feeling exhausted. 

A large part of me is feeling excited about the move, newness of all of that. Another part of me is thinking are we going to do this transition thing for 5 or 6 weeks before we get into our new place?! 

On my reading pile:
Taking a break from reading, but I do grab a few minutes in "Glimpses of Grace" every now and again. 

On my TV:
No TV. 

What I found while surfing the net:
Completely disgusted by CBS news write up about the "76 year old Grandma who writes porn". I thought NEWS was supposed to be about world events we needed to be aware of. I'm not sharing a link because it's not even worth your time. But know this - there is no such thing as "upstanding news reporting". {stepping down off of soap box now}

On the menu for this week
Monday - Salsa Chicken and brown rice
Tuesday - Flank steak & salad
Wednesday - Orzo stuffed peppers
Thursday - Peaches & cream french toast
Friday - Fruit glazed pork chops and dilly carrots
Saturday - Church wedding - the meals on them! :) 
Sunday - MY BIRTHDAY! So, who knows. 

On my to do list:
Oh, packing. Finish up laundry. Put clothes away. 

 In the craft basket:
Ha. no time.

Looking forward to this week:
Playgroup tomorrow
Coffee @ a friends house on Weds.
Empty house on Thursday to pack, while a friend watches the girls!
Birthday dinner with hubs on Friday
Saturday wedding
Sunday night girls night for my b-day. 

Looking around the house:
Yikes. Cardboard chaos.

From the camera:
At the pool party lastnight - my big girl and her now destroyed Tutu bathing suit.

On my prayer list:
Newly prego friends :) 
Packing and getting eveything ready for closing - house repairs from inspection results.
$ for closing. {ugh}

Bible verse, Devotional:
Nothing to share today.


Sandra said...

Oh I feel you on the packing, I'm just ready to be DONE and in my new house.

Good luck with your move and your transition, will be praying for you and your family :)

Danielle Dyer said...

Showing some love from Happy Homemaker Monday!

Yikes! Almost every one that I know is moving :-/ LOL Take it easy and in small increments. You will get it all done :) I hope that you are having a great day :)