Wednesday, June 19, 2013

These Beauties.

I have these amazingly gorgeous children. 
Sometimes when they aren't looking, I get all teary eyed in thanksgiving for them.
I'm so proud of them both. Even on the hardest days {and nights}I'm so full of momma love for them.
They are my people, my team. 

It's kind of humorous to me that we have 3 females living in this home. 
My dear hubby... bless him. He was raised with older brothers and one baby sister.
There have been days when all 3 of us ladies have been weeping or crying over something and he hasn't a clue where to even start. Ah, just the beginning my love. :) He's amazingly sensitive all the same. 

Summer is here and we are spending a lot more time doing the silly things in life. Picnics in the park, splash parks everyday, swinging and sliding at new playgrounds, riding bikes on the sidewalk, dripping ice cream down white shirts {ah}. 
I'm eating up every minute watching them learn how to be sisters. 

These beauties are just another perfect gift to me from my God. 
Feeling so thankful for them today.

*pictures by the ever so talented Katie Swanson

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