Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let's do this.

Sitting here right now, at the end of another busy and full day of family and fun... I'm feeling oddly motivated. I have a kitchen and front room full of empty cardboard boxes, reminding me that July 18th is very near to us. Maybe that's why. Or, it could be the toys tossed here and there throughout our home. How many kids do we have!?  All the same, let's hope this motivation sticks around for the rest of the week. Let's do this moving thing.

The Lord has answered some very specific prayers in the last few days - which, I'll love to share all the details with you come Fall, once the rest of the story takes place. How's that for a teaser? {grin} But in short, we have found a place to live for FREE during our transition time before our new house is ready.  So many little things are falling into place and we so clearly see the Lord caring for us. Praise God! 

I'm having a fun time looking up new ideas for our new home on the ol' Pinterest site. Hubs and I agree we want to get in there and make it HOME right away. Considering we'll get in either late August or early September and already be FULL SWING back into youth ministry... it's even more good motivation. We cannot wait to open those doors up to our teens and people in our church! 

So, the ideas. Ah, it's fun. Here's a few I've dug up in the last few weeks. 

This first one is NOT the most exciting, admittedly. But for a lady who has NEVER had a coat closet at the entrance of their home - I'm going crazy excited over it! All things organized :) Just love the double level of bars in here, and the big ol' pot for umbrellas. 
And staying on the practical theme - this fridge organization will be happening, pronto. Dollar store frames with magnets on them. Genius. How nice 'n neat is that?
In the new place we'll have an actual mudroom/hallway/transition space coming in from the garage and back yard - I have all kinds of dreams for that space. Including the use of my HUGE pallet that still sits in the garage...2 years later. Geesh. Scratch the rainbow colors, but, the idea for coat hanging is pretty great.
And, while you are in there... how about...rolling crates. You know. To catch those outside toys, shoes, random toys straying from their homes, random things found in the van. I love this idea! 

Have I mentioned the deck outside? Huge. We so look forward to entertaining out there and watching our kiddos love a real yard. I'm seriously digging this idea for the outside area -
Anyone have any old barrels they want to get rid of? 

It's fun to dream and imagine. Now, keep praying us through. We have lots and lots to get done and a few more steps in this whole selling and buying process before we can even think about attempting the fun ideas. 

But I'll tell you one thing - we are learning daily what real trust and faith in the Lord looks like. Minute by minute. And, maybe I'll share more about that in the future, too. 

Have a wonderful week. 

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becky said...

Ah, moving is still so fresh in my mind..I'll be praying for you! Sounds like God has some exciting things in store for your future! I know you'll have fun decorating your new home and it will have your personal touches all over it! Exciting times!