Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here on 1st Street

I've been waiting to blog for a few days now. My heart and mind have been straying, and I have found myself beyond disappointed in my lack of faith. I know there is grace and that through trials our faith is grown - and I can tell you that the Lord has dealt with me so tenderly, and has proven again to be faithful even in the midst of my faithlessness. But... still been feeling disappointed. I want to be a woman of GREAT faith - an example to my children and encouragement to my husband. Honestly, in the last few days I've been anything but that. I've been so thankful for scripture and constant truth that is being spoken to me through it, as well as the love from my family and friends. I'm blessed to have them in my life.

This week has been better. And I'm learning and growing and thankful for it all. Here on 1st street, we've been busy. Rather then bore you with endless words - I'd like to give you a peek of our life lately through pictures. :)
Our incredible staff during VBS. Including my hunky man on the bottom left. :) 
VBS - my big girl listening to her teacher. 
FREE lunch at the local splash park! So thankful for this program! 

Add to this fun - the SALE of our home, a visit from Grammy and Great Grandma P, and playgroups. We've kept busy. 

Every bit of 2. :)

At times in the last 2 weeks...we wondered if the sun would ever shine. 
We are excited that summer is here! Keeping busy here on 1st street...for a few more weeks. :)

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