Friday, June 21, 2013

Cardboard boxes & Chaos

Oh I knew these days were coming. We've known a little too long, I think. Maybe that's where the procrastination set in... on one of those days where I sighed and went along in my day thinking, "oh, we still have a month to pack". I still have plenty of time but if I didn't feel like the walls were coming down around me THEN - I'm starting to NOW. 

The decorations on the first floor have all been taken off of the walls. It's bare and weird in here. Or, as my dear husband likes to note, "it looks cleaner". Nice. I've boxed up the books and a lot of the toys that were not being played with. Linens have been packed up with extra blankets and towels. Day by day this ol' house is looking more and more unfamiliar. I'm not as sad as I thought I'd be - but, I know tears will still come on the actual moving day. I'm just sentimental like that. 

My girls think this time is like a 2nd Christmas day - as they try to unpack the boxes I've so carefully organized and layed out. They particularly enjoying finding old toys made new again by being lost for so long. This is the chaos. I need them to be busy so I can pack, but their choice activity is doing the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish. Ah, such is life. The Journey. 

This week for the FIRST TIME EVER my girls have started actually playing together in pretend. "C'mon sissy, let's go play house" has been said several times. My heart smiles when I hear that. I love how excited they get to pretend and it takes me back to days when I did the same exact thing. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore these girls?! Little sister is starting to hold her own ground and have opinions and big sister is taking the hint - it's hilarious. Two little personalities. 

Well, that's it for today. The mound of emtpy cardboard boxes is calling my name... Happy Friday, friends. 

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