Monday, December 23, 2013

5th Birthday!

Well it happened. Once upon a time a Momma had a baby girl and named her Ava Edyn. And all of the sudden after what seems just like a day or two, she turned 5.

The night before her birthday I sat on the edge of her bed, kissed her goodnight, closed the door, and cried like a baby. My poor husband... I am so thankful he understands my emotions about watching my children grow up. It is so hard on me. 

But the big day came and we enjoyed every minute of celebrating her 5 years! She opened gifts from us as soon as she woke up. A much awaited Our Generation doll named Sadie was at the top of her list and we LOVED her reaction to opening it! Doesn't every parent hope their kids are this excited?! 
After gifts we loaded up the van and headed out for birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel - thanks to Poppa and Grammy who were in visiting. (This preggo mom enjoyed it waaaay more then the birthday girl) :) 
Then it was on to her birthday suprise - BUILD A BEAR! All the pictures of that event are on my hubby's phone, but trust me, it was exciting. 

5 years. {Sigh} We are so blessed and thankful for our beautiful girl. 

And we loved a special visit from Poppa and Grammy all the way from Ohio. It really made her birthday so special. :) 

And little sister was pretty excited to love on her big sis, too. What a couple of gifts these two are! 

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