Thursday, December 19, 2013

A quick this and that.

For the last hour I've noticed the sky growing more and more dark. At just shy of 3pm we are under total cloudage. The weather man says ice is in store, who knows, but it sure does look ominous out there! I'm so thankful for this cozy home with sleeping children and Christmas tunes to carry us through the afternoon. :)

I had a few moments this afternoon after putting the girls down to nap, so I curled up on the couch and quick-read this book:

As I sipped my egg nog latte (from a dear friend) and enjoyed the warm blanket on my lap, I kept getting all teary eyed. This tiny book is just a collection of Ruth's poems about her love and marriage to Dr. Billy Graham over the years. Her daughter, Gigi, also shares memories of watching her parents over the decades. I don't know what made me cry more - how the Lord beautifully sustained this couple over years of intense ministry, travel, children, child loss, trials, joys, etc. OR how I look around today and realize this kind of love and devotion to marriage (let alone the Lord) is rapidly failing and harder to find. 

God's word tells us time and again that BAD will go to WORSE while we are on this earth... so I shouldn't be suprised. But why am I still? I'm not going into all the debates that are our there right now, but oh how I am so thankful for the truth of God's word and the reminder that one day EVERY knee with bow, EVERY tongue will confess Jesus as LORD! I cling to it. Someday all will be made well again - perfect actually - and the light of the Son of God is all we'll need. Lord Jesus, save these souls that are lost and wandering. 

In other news, it's the week before Christmas and I am so enjoying seeing and hearing from far away friends and getting Christmas cards in the mail from those we love. This year I used my old door as the catch all for cards and I'm pretty happy about how it turned out.
What I love the most is the memories and milestones. Watching friends kids grow, additions of babies and ministries and marriages kept sacred. Christ honored. Just when I'm feeling like there are none who seek the Lord - God is good to let me open a card to remind me, His own still seek Him. Though ultimately... HE is the great pursuer! 

Merry Christmas to you today! May Christ be praised! 

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