Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rookie Cookie Swap

I'm taking on something new this year and hosting a 1st annual (because I hope to do it more...) Cookie Swap. I'm a total rookie at this kind of thing and with fingers crossed and confidence in my co-bakers, it should go well. The most difficult part was choosing which cookies to try this year. Every year at Christmas I like to try a new cookie recipe. Some years that has gone swimingly, while in others, a big fat flop. :) But no one complains even about flop cookies! 

My selections this year are... {drumroll}....

Chocolate "Pretzels". They aren't really pretzels at all, just cookie dough formed into pretzel shape then coated with chocolate icing and sprinkled with white sugar or nonpareils to look like "salt". Cute and different. 

Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.
Yum! Who doesn't love some double chocolate AND the appearance of snowy caps?! I love how easy these are and how they kinda sorta will be delicious. 

And, my brancher-outer this year...

Norwegian Forest Cookies.
I couldn't find ANY pics of this cookie, which is exciting because I don't think a lot of people make them. :) Happy to add some culture to our swap! The secret ingredient and what makes them "Norwegian" is the ground cardamom. Picture something like this...only, a simple and different recipe and probably a darker shade. 
I can't wait to see what the other swappers bring! Looking forward to a sweet time of cookie trading, hot cocoa sipping, and good Christmas cheer! Tis' the season. :) 

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