Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adventures 'round here

Happy December.
I have missed blogging and putting words down lately. Life has been so full and busy and I have been struggling with getting things done. I think December lends to the "extras" that need done, but still, I miss this blog and I miss reading yours, friends.

It's December 4 and I seem to have gotten my pre-holiday melt down out of the way already. It was on Monday. My husband came home to me sitting in front of our Christmas tree, crying. I'm laughing about it now - but, it wasn't funny then. You see - our van battery has died and there isn't a spare day to take the time and get a new one. So, I'm semi STUCK at home. No grocery shopping, no trips out, etc. Normally I'm fine with that but... I have a zillion things on the to do list.
- Gathering and prep for our ladies Christmas event this weekend
- Groceries. We have NONE. (We literally had hot dogs without buns and canned beans the other night)
- Trip to the craft store, because I wanted to make things for Advent with my children.

I've been feeling so defeated an ineffective as a homemaker, mother and wife. Like there is so much to DO and my heart just wants to BE. Does that even make sense? My dreamy pictures of what I want the season to look like never happen. Mostly because they aren't realistic :) In my defense, I do have a little reason for the up's, down's and extreme emotions: WE ARE PREGNANT! Yup, baby on the way. I'm in my 13th week and the nausea has still not let up. It's been a rough beginning and I'm still napping every single day. So, I've been pregnant the entire time since we bought and moved into our new home - so all the projects I've dreamed of getting done are on the back burner because the energy is just not there. A day at a time is the new goal and we are excited to meet this baby in June.

We have gotten one major thing done - our antique buffet! It's all painted now and I just need to do one more coat of poly, then distress it like crazy!

This is where I gush and tell you how much I love my husband. He has been pushing me for THREE years to finish this beast up - his push was just what I needed. I'll try and get some "final project" pics up here soon. It's a wonderful addition to our new home! I also finally got our antique windows hung and started painting our breezeway. Feels good to get a few things done.

Today I was able to drink almost a full cup of coffee without wanting to vomit, so I'm hoping to get the rest of the Christmas decor up and the house clean. It's the little things, remember?

The adventures continue around here and we are learning to love every moment. Even dinners of hot dogs and canned beans. :)

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