Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ava Edyn

Ah, it's Wednesday... halfway through the week already! Is time going faster it just me?!
Here's our Ava Edyn - this was after her first "Spaghetti" dinner. I buckled and bought some of the jarred kind...too nervous to make my own. Anyway, she LOVED it! And for some reason - be it the mini pieces of pasta or that yummy sauce made of tomatoes AND apples (ick) she just got extra ornery afterwards. This face says it all! The rest of this day was spent chasing her up stairs, away from trash and recycling bins, off of window ledges and walkers. You see...Ava is very mobile.
Right now she has a cold and shes just about as miserable as could be. She wants to be held constantly, which is alright with me... especially on these chilly fall mornings where I can't feel my feet. I have no problem snuggling under a down blankey on the couch. :)
The last few days I've just been observing Ava and her mannerisms, attitudes and personality. She's a very funny little girl. I could be wrong but I don't think she has any rhythm. When music is on she def dances to her OWN beat. She talks to herself and her toys, then looks at me and repeats the gargles/blabbers/grunts as if she doesn't want to leave me out of the convo. She loves cheerios and anything that takes use of her very fine motor skills - which amazes me. She points at things she likes, then turns to me and lets me know. Just very smart. I love her. I'm also feeling little heart tears as I watch her grow older and older... somedays I wish she was still that 2 week old laying in my arms staring at me. I guess we all go through that. Overall, despite my mush and gush- I am truly so thankful for this child. She makes me want to be a better momma.

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