Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Muse

My Muse today is actually a collection, er, a theme I suppose... FALL.

This past weekend we (Brad, Ava and I) took a journey downtown to take in the sights at the Sculpture Garden. It was a nice time and a perfect fall day. While the art was lovely (confusing at times) and it was neat to read the plaques about what each sculpture really was I couldn't keep myself from finding other little "treasures" along the way. Fall is at its PEAK right now and I loved catching a few peeks at what it had to offer. There were still a few rose bushes clinging for dear life as we rounded one section of the garden... I think the contrast of dead leaves with one brillant red rose is just gorgeous.

Then there was this guy... a late bloomer. It was the teeniest plant I had ever seen, hiding under the rest of the plants. Dying...but, the color was just so pretty. I know - you are probably thinking- wow, she is weird..admiring DEAD or dying plants... it's ok, I am. There's just something about finding beauty in things that intrigues me - always has.

So my muse today is just the beauty of nature in this season. There is SO much of it... everywhere. Hiding in the smallest places, or maybe just right outside your front door. God is good to allow us eyes to see and noses to smell his seasons. :) I am thankful and grateful for two senses that so many people go without. How spoiled I feel today -even now as I look out my window and see the little yellow leaves falling off of our tree... God is good to me in so many little ways.


Tiffany said...

Very sweet post. Yu are right there is something wonderful about finding the beauty in the everyday, easy-to-miss stuff. What a blessing!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Beautiful pictures! As much as I dread winter when I see those turning colors, it is amazing to see what a creative Creator we serve!