Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What to do with this room...

This is our front windowed-in porch. This is the left view of it. It's as wide as the width of the house - and has about 8 or 9 of those windows, then a HUGE window at the other end. I call it my "decorator" window because it doesnt open, its just this massive window that can only be good for putting decorations in it - and lighting it up at Christmas.

This room has new very shiny linoleum.

This room is drafty, so I need to cover the windows I think. This room leads to our front porch/steps (aka: front hill) where my very cute (or will be) mailbox sits. So, yea... important.

This room is the precursor to the livingroom and my GORGEOUS front door. This room does NOT have a heat vent in it...at all. Literally, as cold as it is outside.

Why on earth am I telling you all of this? Well, thank you for asking.
I need ideas, and i need them quick! I just don't know what to do with this room. So, all of you amazing home decorators and creative people... scroll back up, take a few more looks and tell me what you think. What can I do to turn this WHITE boring space into something beautiful? Remember, my mailman sees it everyday - so do the teens when they come in for Monday night football...well, and anyone who comes in at all, actually.

I'm open to ALL suggestions, colors and ideas. :) Please help me. :)

Here are a few more pics of the space.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I won't claim to have any crafty ideas, but this amazingly artistic friend from church has a beautiful front porch! http://petermariecharlton.blogspot.com/2008/06/its-not-done-yet-but-i-was-too-excited.html

The curtains out of beach mats are so cool, too! They have ribbons around both ends that help them roll up or let them down.
Good luck! I love the space--I bet it will beautiful!

Becky said...

What a beautiful space! Good idea to post some pics and get ideas from others. I'm not super creative or decorative...although I try :) I think that I would get some wicker furniture with padded cushions and make a reading area. I can see sitting on the porch in the summer with a cup of coffee or ice tea and good book. Maybe one of those white cracker barrel like rocking chairs. I guess it just depends on what you can find. Have fun making your house a home! And don't forget to post pictures of the finished product! :)

Andy & Trish said...

Okay, here is what I would do...take it or leave it. First I would paint those walls a real bright fun color. Then I would go to a carpet store and see what kind of remnants they have for cheap to lay down in there. Next I would hit up Goodwill, Salvation Army, Ebay, or Craig's List and look for some fun porch furniture. Based on the pics of your house, You could also have a space for shoes, coats etc for your high schoolers to drop off some of that stuff before they head inside. I suspect though that as Ava and your future little ones grow up, this room will be great for storing bikes, bats, balls, etc for outdoor use...

Have fun!
Love ya,

Kristi said...

We have a porch like that, too- must be because our houses were built the same year! Yours is much nicer than ours (newer windows, flooring, etc) - ours is more of an enclosed porch than a living space.

We have an old desk and chair on ours that functions as a potting station/storage. We've also drooled over old wooden church pews at antique shops - I think it would be so cute to have a short one next to the front door with a cool wreath over it... and it would be perfect to put baskets underneath for shoe/boot storage! :)

A couple of Christmases ago we put an extra Christmas tree out there - it was so pretty from the front of the house, and we could see it from the inside. Perhaps we'll do that again this year... maybe even skip the indoor tree to save on space (and from LB destroying it!!!)

Our porch currently is in disarray... decently presentable, but messy.

Laura Siegrist said...

you should check out better homes and gardens website. but off the top of my head, i'd add some color. lots of it. a nice big throw rug, maybe change the floor to that fake wood laminate stuff. that would warm it up alot. add a rustic bench or two on the side of the door. Ever see the grapevine garland at craft stores? i had them in my house and they made a huge difference in decorating. you could have them twisted up all around the inside of the room, up above the windows. and you need some shades, the natural looking ones (medium brownish color). they'd be great for the summer when you sit out there, but they also look really nice. that's what i would do. good luck!