Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lull

Ever had a lull in your life?
I feel like mine is now. We went from transition to transition, move to move, house to house, work world to ministry world... and now things are starting to settle. Routine is fairly in place. And of all mornings - I feel a lull, on this gorgeous Sunday morning.

Sometimes I dispise this sneaky streak of melancholy that I own. When for no appearent reason I feel down or lonely or sad. And those down times always come during "lulls" for me. So today I'm feeling a little lost...

This morning, despite my sad heart...for no appearent reason... I'm also thankful for the "FRIEND who sticks closer then a brother", My God. Who would have known that the life of a pastors wife could be plagued by random bouts of loneliness? Ugh, the lull. What a TRUE comfort that the infinite God of the universe lives in my heart today.

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