Saturday, October 3, 2009

For anyone who loves a good deal...or something free

Good morning blogger friends! Isn't this cooler autumn weather just divine?! I don't know about you, but theres just something about having your morning coffee where you can see the steam rolling around your mug that warms your insides. I'm especially "IN LOVE" with the tiny yellow leaves taking over our yard...they look like mini-leaves. Anyone know what kind of tree that might be?
Anyway, about my title - a good deal or something free. Sound good to anyone? Especially in this economy where we absolutley want to scrimp and save every penny. Well, my friend Emily introduced me to an amazing website...some of you probably already know about it. It's and I encourage you to check it out. Today she is advertising the FREE starbucks coffee deal that is going on until Monday. In the past she has given links for: free walgreens photo books, coupons off grocerys, free samples of things on line...etc. Give 'er a try and let me know what you think. :) If you look under the "blogs I follow" column she is on there - in case the link doesn't work.

Now for me - I literally have an entire house to clean. I took 2 days off to just "lounge" and now thats coming back to bite me in the... well, you get it. Enjoy your October day!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm gonna have to check that out! Another great site is Money Saving Mom -- that woman is amazing. Seriously, she spends $40.00 a week on groceries and LITERALLY grinds her own wheat to make homemade bread.


It makes me feel like a slacker too :)

Hope you got all your cleaning done! I had to get my rear in gear too today :)