Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for a challenge - Sewing School

Well, let me be honest with you for a minute. See if anyone relates.

As little girls (or boys...however, I don't think I have any male readers...if so, great!) didn't we all aspire to be good at something? And, if you come from a background similar to mine...doesn't it seem like Mom was good at everything?!

My mom sews, crochets, does beadwork, leather work, cooks amazing meals from scratch, paints, makes things from metal, refinishes furniture... etc. She is the master of all things crafty and beautiful. I remember year after year watching her create gorgeous things for Christmas gifts, holiday decor or even just birthday events. She makes snowmen out of socks, Christmas light hanger things out of clear plastic cups, hangers and christmas lights...and my fave - wind chimes out of old cds and thread. Seriously....amazing talent. I've watched her put together HUGE crocheted blankets in just a few hours (one sitting!) and then wrap them up and give them away only to start on the next one.... just blows my mind.

My entire life I've wanted to be good at something. Something crafty or creative or just...something. And the honest truth is - I'm not. I can crochet, kinda. But the blanket I started to make for Ava ended up looking more like a batman cape gone horribly wrong. I attempted hand sewn curtains for the window in our 3rd apartment... only ended up using the fabric as cleaning rags. Yea, that bad. Year after year I attempt something new thinking that somewhere deep inside I have to have a thread of that creative gene my momma has. And every year I end up basically flushing money down the toilet on unused or horribly mangled supplies. This last year as we had a baby girl on the way I assumed scrapbooking would not only be EASY, but something I could really get into and be good at. I mean, scrapbooks are personal and can look good no matter what because its YOUR book, right? Wrong. Let's just say... All of the precious preggo pics and ones we have from birth to almost 10 months of Ava are resting nicely on CD's.

All this to say...
It's time for a challenge. Brad's Aunt Becky has taken upon herself the task of teaching me, as well as a few other cousins and Aunts how to use our machines. Mine (bless its little mechanical heart) has been sitting in its box unloved and unused for almost 3 years! Ahem - anyway, so tomorrow I begin my sewing class. I'm SO pumped for it. #1) It's a momma break. I have from 6:30-8:30pm to do nothing but fellowship and focus on my new event. #2) It's out of the house #3) It's a huge challenge for me. Since I was very young I've always wanted to be magical on a sewing machine. I've always wanted to make curtains and baby clothes and whatever else... and now here's my chance, at last! I remember watching my mom use hers and she just made it look so easy and so glamorous. At one point in our lives I can recall her making these gorgeous victorian gowns for a local town play - stuck with me all these years. I want to make gowns! ok, maybe not...but, I do have dreams that big!
While I worked for BBC (PA) I was allowed take 1 free class, as an employee perk. I decided to take "Ministry of Marriage and Motherhood" with an amazing, godly lady, Peggy Walker. Peggy taught us how to basically run a home, love our spouses (or future ones), raise children, etc. But the section of the class that sticks out in my mind the most was the one based on creating a home environment. Not the emotional stuff - the actual STUFF, the decor, the look of the place. She had us take a test on what our style would be. We looked at magazines to get a feel for what we liked and didn't. We researched different terms of things, Chintz, Lace, Gingham.... MY KIND OF CLASS! Anyway, Peggy said something on the last night that really stuck in my mind, and I'm totally going to botch what she actually said, but it was along the lines of, "it's our responsibility to set the look and tone of our homes. it's our job to be creative spouses and make our homes our castles..." and she went on to talk about this from a ministry stand point as she was a pastors wife for years and is now in a new ministry of sorts... So I'm just super convicted to get on the ball, learn a "talent" and get on with it. I want to be a blessing to my family by making our home look nice...and I think it can start with learning to sew. It will be challenging. It will be good.

So, here we go. Sewing School - see you tomorrow.

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

I can TOTALLY relate -- this post is like me to a T! Right down to the sewing machine that's been collecting dust for a good 3 years...maybe when you're through with your class you can teach me :)