Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Decorating: Fall style

As some of you know, and have read, I do NOT consider myself to be a great home decorator. To be perfectly honest... I don't have a clue. What I think might look good ends up looking like a college dorm room (not that thats bad...if you are IN college) rather then a home. (sigh) I recently purchased a subscription to BHG ( in hopes of building my notebook of decor ideas - afterall, those people get PAID to think of those genius ways to decorate. And I figure I have enough on my plate right now, so no use in getting all stressed out about the fact that I did not inherit any kind of interior design brain cell. :)

Anyway, I have come across a few things in my home recently that I set out for Autumn decor that, although probably misplaced or poorly set up, make me smile and remind me that it really is the simple things in life that count :) While I'm no amazing designer - I like these little things and they do make my home "seasonal" and happy during this great time of year.

And, another thought came to my mind recently that gave me extra encouragement about this topic... my love for people, the way I welcome them into my home and care for them speaks so much louder then any fancy decor and nicely set table. While those things DO have a place, they are no substitute for kind words and warm welcomes. Those things can be the best decorations of all! So, I blog about this now so whenever I get down on myself in the future (I know its coming) about how my home is just "so so", I can reference back - and possibly encourage one of you, too.
By the way... I'm always open for decorating ideas. Especially if you've found something cheap and easy. :)

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Cute fall decor! I'm not good at decorating, but Cody has quite the was weird for me to accept that at first!'s my decorating tip: go to Target about a week or two after any major holiday and snag some of their decorations for 90% off! I'm always a season behind, but I love finding just one or two new things for the season. I love your home, by the way! All that gorgeous woodworking and your charming smile make it look so inviting! ;)v