Saturday, October 10, 2009

(ugh) ...and, other things.

Sometimes I can't come up with titles - just because I'm strange like that. But, "Ugh" seems to be fitting right now. Ava is STILL battling this viral cold thing. Runny nose, whining, not sleeping, whining, clinging, not eating a ton, whining, tantrums galore...did I mention whining? So yes, Momma Bear is feeling a little discouraged tonight and just praying that this time will be over soon. And that in the meantime I can be loving, patient and gentle with my precious girl. That's the hard part. I can handle the waking up 14 times a night to a baby crying in her sleep & I can handle the endless changing of shirts as I have more snot streaks then a box of kleenex... its being calm, gentle and patient with her. Who would've thought I would ever battle like this?! But, it's true. And in the words of my very wise mother, I need to just "get over it" and "Get used to it". So, I am.
I started a new book this week and at the perfect time. It's an old copy of Elisabeth Elliots, "A Lamp unto my feet". Literally, old copy - the paper cover is falling apart. But, I love old books. I couldn't find a picture of its old cover - but, here's what it looks like today I guess. (Thanks Bing images!) This book is just page after page of this Godly womans thoughts, prayers and perspectives on life, ministry, marriage, name it. It's perfect for quiet mornings with a cup of coffee snuggled under a blanket. I love hearing her point of view and I love how her conservative background plays into it. I think I'm a lot more conservative then I know. Most of all - I love how God has worked in her life in such a way that she can point EVERYTHING back to him in reverence. Good and bad. And, goodness...if you've never read about her life - you need to. She's had some bad, for sure. I also really appreciate her, I think , because she was a ministry wife. She knows first hand what it was like to be on the mission field, in a church, etc. Lately I'm learning that we are totally in over our heads without full dependence on God in this youth ministry. Wow. I love how she just puts her thoughts (wise thoughts) out there...and they make sense. So, anyone else read it?! I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Hopefully I'll have some good stuff to blog about in a few days. Looking forward to the next few pages. :)


Sara said...

what wonderful encouragement...thank you for sharing

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I love Elisabeth Elliot -- I've never heard of that book though. Adding it to my reading list {which is already a mile long} :)

Hope Ava gets to feeling better soon!!

Becky said...

I've never read this book...but it sure looks like one I'd love to pick up. I've kinda had my feelers out for a book about balancing ministry and family. I enjoy reading your blog and can relate to the things that you talk about since we are very much in the same place of life right's good to know that we're not alone isn't it?! Sure hope Ava gets better quick...I'll say a prayer for her ;)

Kristi said...

I haven't read that one, but I've read several other books from Elisabeth Elliot and I LOVED them. She is one of those people that I look at as a mentor in my life even though I've never met her. :)

Sorry it's been a rough week... I definitely struggle with being a patient loving mom in times like those.

Embrace the snot streaks... it's a sign of lots of cuddles. :)