Thursday, April 22, 2010

A day at the Dome

Er, well... I think we made it an hour there, anyway...

Today here in Des Moines, IA the Botanical Center was offering FREE admission due to it being Earth Day! Brad came home for lunch so off we went. I'm kind of a nature buff... I love it. I don't have a green thumb (yet) so I love even more being able to enjoy other peoples, plants! Here's just a taste of some of the amazing plants and flowers we saw today. God's creation is truly, truly amazing!

This one (above) was my favorite. Gorgeous HUGE green leaves with white veins. Wishing my yard had some of these... too bad they are south american South America. :(

One of the cool things about the Botancial Center is that it's inside a dome. It's very steamy/rainforesty and just smells like the woods. I loooove that. There are flowers and trees and plants in every nook and crany of the place. Not to mention, you can tour a green house while there too. Just a really neat local place. Here's an inside shot of the dome. (loved the palms!) There's also a waterfall and a cafe in the building.

We attempted to get a few pics of us together - but, it was VERY crowded, due to the Free-ness of the day. So, I only got one good one..of Ava and I. And, I'll share. (I'm busting out the summer skirts!) What a quick, but fun, family adventure.


beccarankin said...

I love going there too! Looked like so much fun! And it cracked me up that you did the voices! Love it!

Sarah Moulton said...

Lol! Pretty sure WE stayed an hour and you got there WAY after us!! I'll give ya 20-25mins:)) It was prettyb though! And no JJ for us either:( A bad thing happens when free and almost free thing arive-PEOPLE!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So fun! Love the picture of beautiful you in your cute skirt and pretty little Ava! :)