Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the mushy, gushy, goofy days

Sometimes I get so bogged down in the day-to-day. I find myself easily irritated by things, quick to speak (unkind words) and slow to love. Pretty much the opposite of what I'm commanded to do. (go ahead, click the link and be reminded)
So, while I'm already irritated... then I'm irritated more for being irritated. And thus goes the sin cycle...and, I know I'm not alone. :(

Anyway, this really is a happy post.

The last few days have been just plain silly fun in this house. Ava is in a crazy fun stage - complete with running around naked, getting into everything possible and saying all kinds of new funny things. The weather has been really nice so we've been outside more - and that is always nice. And the smell of the grill cooking... {ahhhhh} LOVE that! On top of Ava's silliness... Brad and I have been silly, too. And, today I just got to thinking... "yea, we used to be fun like this all the time." And, "what has changed?" and kind of even, "who are we now?". Ever do any eval's of yourself like that?! The other morning we (all 3 of us) were in the bathroom getting ready for our day. Brad was heading to work shortly, I was taking pictures of Ava shaving her face...if you saw that post... it was just so fun. All together. Precious, precious times that I will never forget. I've saved it on my mental hard drive!

I snapped this pic of me and my love and it took me back to days gone by... being newly engaged and always taking pics of ourselves. You know - the kind where one of you holds the camera waaaay out in front and you try to get something somewhat centered. We were so mushy, gushy and goofy then. And so often I'm afraid that I forget to keep that silliness alive. Play games. Have fun. Be flirty.
And yes, my mirror has toothpaste spots on it... my hair is obviously is complete and total disrepair, I'm sure Ava was in the toilet and you can see our lovely bath products as the curtain is strew open... but, I don't care. Not today. This was a fun day. Fun memories. Pictures in our minds we will never forget. Mushy, gushy, goofy days.


Crystal said...

actually i think your hair looks pretty cute and i like your shirt!

beccarankin said...

I love those days. You are right, they don't happen often enough. Thanks for the reminder.