Monday, April 12, 2010

Momentous Monday

Tiffany, over at A Moment Cherished is starting a new and EXCITING Monday post opportunity. Check out her site if you haven't already... she is one of the most heartfelt, warm, godly writers I've been thrilled to find. And even before that we went to college together... er, well, we were both there, only a few years apart :) Check out the event and jump on board! We could all use help remembering our "momentous" spots in life! Here's mine...

Her name is Hunter.
She stands well above me with her dark hair and questioning eyes. So young. So hurt.
A "religious" man also an adulterer has blinded her view of God. How does one answer to that?!

As she approached me last night after the service I could see the pain welling up in the corners of her eyes.
She was searching...
She was confused...
She was here... at church.

We found a private corner, somehow, in our church of so many.
Without hesitation the questions poured out.
"Right after I "welcomed God" my life fell apart!"
"My parents are divorced and kids make fun of me at school"

The tears came.

"I've only taken communion twice"
"Do I have to be a with a, ya know, pastor to be saved?"
And the jumble of years of torment and chaos came out in questions and frustrations.

I held my breath and waited for the Lord to place just exactly what to answer on my tongue. I'm too prone to trying this on my own.... foolish... but, today, I waited. We turned to Romans and talked about sin.

Sin was acknowledged.
As was the answer to our sin. Romans 6.
Christ as Lord and King, Creator over all was proclaimed!
"Life won't be easier" was explained. Tho... I could see the pained expression of disappointment in that answer.
"But, isn't that when the "faith thing" comes in? she asks me... Wow. I smile. Yes, Hunter, "the faith thing...." Exactly.

I tell her to read John, write down questions and call me with them.
My phone didn't ring today.
I gave her a bible - THE WORD OF her.
I told her that after reading this chapter... if she didn't see Jesus in her life, that we can chat...and change that.

And now we pray and wait.
Momentous indeed!
And waiting for Wednesday.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, Mandi. Thank you for sharing. I am going to pray for Hunter. Momentous indeed!
Thank you for linking up - you did it perfectly! {wink}
And thank you for your sweet, kind words about me. Wow.