Thursday, April 8, 2010

A pretty place to land

"I think I can, I think I can", chugged the little engine...

Ever feel like the little engine that could? I do. And it usually involves my house and the amount of work I desire to do on it... but, usually chug half way up the hill only to get distracted, lose steam or just... give up all together. The "hill" of making this home into a pretty place to land is harder then I thought. While I have every awesome intention of doing this and that to make things look great - I always seem to talk myself out of it. "Oh, I'm still not handy enough with my sewing machine" or "Ava will wake up in an hour... not enough time to even start that.." (don't snicker! you know you've said it too!)

Spring has sprung and I can feel that wave of motivation blowing in on the breeze. Yessss! Should be just enough to get this little engine back in gear and up n' over the hill. What's on our spring house project agenda? Oh not much. Just...
-Paint the bathroom, hallway, last wall in the livingroom, two bedrooms and finish the reading nook. Oh, and the dining room and front porch!

-Our yard. Flower beds. Fence options. growing grass.

-Front door - I'm spray painting it RED!!!! Look out dull lifeless front door... your life is about to change.

-Window treatments/curtains/etc. (every room)

(sigh) I can hardly wait to have these all finished... in the mean time... these pics are giving me some GREAT ideas. I know I say it ALOT but I love I always find an idea!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

We've been in our house a year now and I STILL feel like we've got so much to do! I think to some extent decorating your house is a never ending project -- but a fun one, when you're feeling motivated, that is :)

And I NEVER thought of spray painting a'll have to let me know how that works out! If it goes well for you, I might just have to try it!