Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swap Meet!

Attention ladies in the DSM metro and Ankeny area... well, and abroad, really. :)

There is a swap meet in the making!

In January I came across an article in, you guessed it, BHG about having a Swap Meet with friends. The idea is: go through all of your stuff (mostly home decor, etc), tag it with info, set up a space where you can display all of your items, and your friends...then shop til you drop. Er, Swap til you drop :) No money is involved and items are repurposed! After reading this article I attended a workshop in my friend Emily's home on "how to decorate on a budget" - she has done an amazing job on her home and is SO good at putting old things back together to make them look better then new! {a skill I have yet to aquire} Anyway, she mentioned the idea of the swap meet that night, too! YAY! Because who really has tons of extra money to just go and buy new decorations every time?! I don't. And, I have boxes full of perfectly fine decorations in my basement...that I just don't use anymore...or that don't match the decor of our current home.

So, be thinking. Start rooting through those boxes. Dust stuff off and start getting ideas on what you could swap. Info to come! I'm meeting with Emily Thursday night to work on some details.

Have you done a Swap Meet before? Tell me how it went... what did you do to make it work? Any special ideas?


beccarankin said...

I read about one of these, too! It sounded like so much fun! Count me in!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I was just talking to Emily about this yesterday -- I'm so excited!!