Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finished product

Remember that coat rack thing I was talking about a few weeks ago? It's all done! It's gone from a dirty ol' wooden lookin' thing to this! I put it up in Ava's room and I love how it has turned out. She enjoys learning how to hang things up herself. What a big girl!

Right now it holds her diaper bag, jackets and bead necklaces (her idea) - but in the future I can see it holding winter coats or bath towels or hair bows.
This little project has been a great help in keeping Ava's mind off of her "H, F & M" last week. She must have put those jackets up on the hooks & then taken them back down at least 20 times... What a sense of pride she gets each time!
By the way, she's doing MUCH better and I think we are totally done with that yucky virus! All the little spots are gone and she's back to her ornery self!
So, another house project done! I'm feeling so motivated and encouraged that I can do this decor on a dime thing! Up next : spray painting the door & finishing the front porch.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

So cute!! Glad Ava is doing better!

becky said...

Great job Mandi! One of Hannah's first responsibilities was hanging her coat up. This will be great for teaching Ava little responsibilities like that and is SO cute!