Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DIY: Coat/towel/hair ribbon hanger thingy

Before I get to the DIY project... let me share some great news that happened in my life last week. And, shame on me for not sharing this sooner! Last Wednesday night the Lord allowed me the opportunity to lead one of our teen girls to the Lord! Hunter, the gal I blogged about a few weeks ago here came to me and asked if we could talk in private - and no sooner had we got in the door then she asked if she could pray to be saved. I was...blown away, to say the least. Afterall, I had had quite the bad day... and wasn't prepared at all in my heart to bring someone before the throne. But, God always knows - and is always ready to use ANYONE for His glory! Praise Him! So, the angels rejoiced as I brought her before the Lord and she gave her life to the Risen Savior! {sigh} This is just the beginning of her story... one I hope to have more to write about in the near future. But, isn't that exciting?

Another exciting event (though very drastically NOT as important) was this DIY project I took on this week. It was a Coat/towel/hair ribbon hanger thingy project. I've had in my mind to make some kind of "Catch all" for Ava's room - but, just couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to do. The other day while we made our rounds in the Salvation Army I found this...

and remembered that I still had two small cans of the pink paint from her bedroom. The hook thing is hideous and had scratches and dents all over it - but, I figured for just a few cents I could repurpose it somehow....right? So, I set to work painting the thing with pepto pink, err... Foxy Pink, according to Behr. And you know what? It came out just fine!

I'm working on the 2nd coat now and am thinking about painting some tiny brown polka dots on it - I dunno though. This will be perfect for her room and only cost me a few cents to make! I was so proud of myself (admittedly) and I think Brad even smiled at my project. :) Once it's up on her wall I'll try to grab a pic to show you. I'm planning on using it to hang up her jackets, hooded bath towels - and maybe even her hairbows (once we grow our collection...and hair!).

Hopefully it'll be up before she's driving... but, looks like we are running out of time for that.


Tiffany said...

Oh, you are too cute!! Praise God for the girl you led to Christ!!! That is awesome, Mandi. I love your little project, and I cannot wait to see it completed. {grin}

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I have one of those hooky thing-a-ma-jigs too! Now I'm inspired to paint!
Awesome blessing with a new sister in Christ!

becky said...

Praise the Lord for a young life that He brought to himself...and how exciting that he used you!! :)
I love your little diy project too! We have accumulated LOTS of hairbows and I often wonder what the best way to organize them would be. Good thinkin'!