Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh my very word

So.... Amy over @ My Front Porch lookin' In has this link on her blog to a decorator type blog... and, I just never clicked because I ultimately ALWAYS feel defeated even before looking. "I can't do those things", "Well...she has this and this and this amount of $$ so of course those things can be turned into that thing", etc. The list seriously goes on.
But then yesterday while visiting another friends home - she was telling me about some beautiful wall art she had recently made and mentioned she found the idea on the SAME SITE. So, my curiousity got the best of me and I went. And... an hour later... I had to pry myself off of the site! So, without further ado... ... I have been inspired. See for, really...go.

If you are still reading - I'll share one more thing FOUND this week. I was reading another blog that shares ideas on how to make your own home decor and in addition how to actually present/display your creations (which, is my struggle) and she had this pic up. I love this set up! But, wasn't sure Brad would go for it... he's not at all into antique looking anything (tho I AM). So, I just casually showed it to him and.. HE LOVED IT! So, this might possibly be showing up in our own form on our living room wall in the near future. :)

(Once I preview this blog a little further I will give a link... want to make sure of it, first) ;)


Amy@My Front Porch said...

I KNOW! Isn't she the greatest? I've gotten so many ideas from her! I'm glad you're on the bandwagon too :)

beccarankin said...

I think it will be adorable on your wall. By the way, let's do a play date sometime soon. I feel like I already know you fairly well through our blogs, but a face to face might be fun sometime!

Laura said...

Told you that you would love it! And I apologize for all the time you will spend there in the can definitely suck you in, but in a good way! :)

becky said...

thanks for sharing the great link. I love to decorate...but don't have a lot of space, finacial resources, or I'm all about stealing ideas from others!! :) Can't wait to take some time one evening to browse her blog. :)