Monday, May 3, 2010

Momentous Monday!

We are Hooooooooommmmme!

It was a fabulous trip to Ohio/Georgia, but, I'll tell ya... there's just something about being home. My Momentous Monday was actually ALL of last week. And, since there just isn't time or space to write about everything - I'll share just a few special memories made.

The girls: Kaci and Ava loved playing. They were both old enough now to get into the toys. And everything else in the house! As seen here - Kaci enjoying a storage bin and Ava learning all the ways of the world from her cousin. I just loved sitting back and watching and listening to them interact. so so sweet. Reminded me of growing up and playing with all of my cousins - now we've all grown up.

On the 29th we celebrated my "little" brothers 25th birthday! And, how better to celebrate then with a Transformers theme! We decked out their dining room in all kinds of Transformers garb - including shoving 2 action figures into a cake :) We do it right in our family! :) The girls LOVED the cool masks! (nevermind that they are on upside down)
We had such a great visit and can't wait to see them all again!
Happy Monday! clean up my house... our suitcases exploded upon home impact, I'm afraid!


Sara said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip!!! Thanks for sharing some pics!

Jenilee said...

going away is always a time to cherish and coming home is always so much work! :) I totally have experienced the suitcase explosions! :) sounds like you had a great trip!

Tiffany said...

What a great trip and lovely memories you will have to look back on! Thank you for linking up, Mandi!