Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When your heart leaves for Afghanistan... again.

I knew it was coming... as I watched the days on the calendar pass. But, for some reason, whether denial or just a secret hope for a change of plans - I ignored the date. But, the time has come and now my brother is once again on his way to Afghanistan.

I'm sure some of you are military families, too. So you know the up and down of emotions. The way your throat clenches when ANY report on the news has the words, "war", "soldiers" or "Afghanistan" in them... and, that's very much where I am today. I don't know why I try to hide my sadness about this - as if by being "tough" I change the situation. Truth is - I'm so proud! I'm proud of a brother who believes in the value of American Freedom and will fight for it. But, the other side of that coin is... I'm little-girl-in-the-corner-crying-scared. :/

My dad sent this email out today. Please join us in praying for my brother and his family for the next few months.

I am sorry for the mass e mailings, but it is the easiest and most concise way to do this. As we approach Memorial Day (a day in which we remember those who have served and are serving our country) it with a pensive heart that I tell you that once again our son will be in harm's way. Joshua will leave for Atlanta tonight (midnight) and then off to Virginia and then finally to Afghanistan. This is his third deployment there (he has two in Iraq as well) and he couldn't tell me exactly where -- no joke to insert here, he really couldn't tell me for a number of reasons. Joshua returns to Afghanistan a dedicated, flying crew chief. Simply stated, when the bird goes up so does he... the reverse of the statement will be left to your understanding.

We have a couple of requests to make of you our praying family and friends:

1. Pray for his safety.

2. Pray for the safety of the men he is serving with.

3. Pray for Ashley as she cares for Kaci, who is now 2, and is pregnant with their second child (I'm hoping for a boy).

4. Pray for spiritual condition of Joshua and Ashley (and babies).

5. Pray for Toni and will be a long 120-150 days.

In Him, Paul and Toni Grice

NOTE: Joshua serves in the 66ERQS / HMU. That means something about Expeditionary Rescue Squad and HMU means Helicopter Maintenance Unit. They will probably rename the unit the 41st ERQS / HMU as that is the units number in Moody Air Force Base there in Valdosta, GA. Part of the units motto reads, "So Others May Live"...and now you know why I am a bit uneasy. -Paul"


Alicia said...

Mandi I will definitely be praying for your Brother Joshua and his family. I am sure it is tough for Ashley to see him go right now while she is pregnant with their second child. I like you have great respect for those who are serving our country and thanks for informing your blog readers of your brothers employment. I hope it helps to know that others will be praying with you and your family for his safety.

beccarankin said...

Praying for you and your brother!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I'll pray, Mandi!!! I meet with a friend every Wednesday whose husband is on his third tour in Iraq--he's gone for 400 days! Even though he's not my real brother, he is my brother in Christ and my friend's husband, my heart is constantly praying for his safety and his family's safety. I'm SO thankful for these men that are willing to serve and protect our country!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh Mandi! I wanted to cry for you (and your pregnant sister-in-law) when I heard your prayer request in church on Sunday night. DEFINITELY praying!!