Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day #2

Wow, what a difference a year makes! This was my second Mothers Day (well, with the baby on the outside of the womb!) with my Ava girl. It started off with breakfast in bed from my dear hubby - cheesy eggs and toast with strawberry jam accompanied with a glass of OJ. He's adorable and got up early to make this an extra special morning. For lunch he took Ava and I out to Noodle Zoo for their brunch buffet, which, was to die for! Seriously... they had these baked eggs with CREAM CHEESE baked in...CREAM CHEESE?! Does anyone even know of a recipe for something like that?! Gimme.... {please?}

Anyway, I found some pics of my baby and I around this time last year. I cannot believe what a difference 1 year can make. And then again... some things just never change...

Ava wasn't happy about last years pic.
And... it appears this years wasn't such a hit either!
Oh that girl! I love her. I love her sassiness and the way she loves to run up to you and act like she's going to hit...but then rubs your face so gently while smiling. tricky. She is learning to be more and more affectionate and I just eat it up! I love that Ava is my daughter. I love being her mom. :) And, tho I do sometimes think about my heaven baby... I know that we wouldn't have our Ava if we had been given the first one. It just puts so much into perspective.
Happy Mothers Day! Whether its your 2nd, 10th or 40th! Here's a few other links to be encouraged on this very special day!
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beccarankin said...

Those eggs do sound good! Cute pics

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh my word, the eggs with the cream cheese, are they not THE BEST? I've been looking for that recipe ever since the first time we ate there. THeir brunch is SPECTACULAR!

And thanks for those sandals for Lily! They are perfect, just what I was looking for but now I don't have to spend the extra $$$!