Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little at a time

(thank you phone for this lovely unclear pic)

Well, here's to progress! I have now painted the entire left side of the porch, hung this shelf which you can see no detail on...{ugh}, created that clock, painted that "P" and moved the bench under it.

Last night I spent an hour deep cleaning all of the front porch windows that I'm convinced had dirt on them from 1914 when the house was built! When I was done I think I had half of the dirt built up on me! But it was refreshing to get in there and clean and work... it felt good to sweat with purpose :)

I'm still a ways off from being done. I have the rest of the porch to paint, lineoleum to figure out what to do with, and outside of the windows to scrub. BUT it's a little a time, here and there, step by step. I know one things for sure... my husband will be THRILLED with just having this done! And that's enough for me. :)

*better pics to come!

On another totally different subject...
last night as I was attempting to fall asleep - which - hasn't been coming easily without my fan noise and empty half of the bed :/... anyway, as I'm laying there all of the sudden out of nowhere this thought comes to me -

"What if I die in the middle of the night? What will happen to Ava?" And while I'm laying there I just burst into sobs thinking about my little girl screaming in her crib for 3 days until Brad got home.... I tell ya, I could NOT pull it together. Isn't that so bizarre and disturbing? Finally, I calmed down and just poured it out to the Lord - all my weird thoughts and anxieties. Does anyone else ever think about those things? So.... disturbing. I'm blaming this all on sleep deprivation and heat exhaustion. End thought. Goodnight!


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness. I do stuff like that ALL. THE. TIME> I have a very overactive imagination, and am constantly having to give over ridiculous and unfounded fears to God. It's all part of my insomnia issues. Glad I am not the only one! Praying for you, though!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Beautiful decor! I think it sounds like it's all going to pull together and be so lovely!
I honestly think when you become a mom, there's some "freak" chemical that releases. My mind so often..always... goes to the worst case scenario! If it could happen, my mind will imagine it! I have to keep Phil. 4:8 in my mind and on my lips (considering a tattoo to get it to sink in! j/k!)
Fix your thoughts on what is TRUE, HONORABLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY, and ADMIRABLE. Think about things that are EXCELLENT and WORTHY OF PRAISE!
What a great filter for my mind that verse provides! Just two days left!!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Looks really good Mandi!

And the freak out -- SO funny because just the other day I was precariously balanced on our counter deep cleaning our kitchen cabinets and I thought "Oh my word. What if I fell and got knocked out? Nobody would know until Dave got home! What would Lily do? She would just be crying in her crib after naptime wondering where Mommy was" and on and on and on. So. I can relate :)

Julie Anne said...

Love the decorating!! My favorite part is the tools on the bench! :)

I totally understand the not being able to sleep thing! I am so glad that the nights Wes isn't home are few and far between! Praying you sleep well tonight!!