Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rushed to August

What exactly happened to July? As I scratched out some morning thoughts in my journal... I noticed the date - 7/31/2010 - hmmm... did I do anything worthwhile or beneficial this month? Is time moving faster and faster? I'm feeling rushed into August.
My little family and I are heading for Lake Ann Camp for all of next week. We leave at 8am tomorrow morning with 3 of our teens on a 10 hour drive. Ava is going - we are borrowing a DVD player and just asking God for extreme Grace for her. She hasn't done a trip that long since we moved here last year. {this momma is a wee bit nervous}

Things I'm excited about:

-Praying that God allows Brad fantastic opportunity this week as he teaches the Fresh Start program. Praying for salvations galore!

-Being away from home. Tho it is my favorite place to be... {truly}... I do so enjoy nature and getting to stay in a cabin for week just THRILLS me at this point! Hopefully I'll get some awesome outdoor quiet times and just soak up the goodness of my God. I need it.

And, if you don't follow "Today's Housewife" I would encourage you to start. It's a really neat blog that covers things like: homemaking, counseling, diy stuff, raising kids, loving your spouse, etc. There rarely comes a day when I'm not blessed by it. For the month of August they are doing a challenge on "building your home" based on Prov. 14. Click the link and check it out. Though I will miss week 1 of the challenge - I'm eager to jump on board once we are home! I'd love to hear your ideas and the things you try at your home... always looking for new ideas here!

As I close out the post - let's be reminded of a truth found in Prov. 31 that I read this morning -
"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."


becky said...

We always love our time at Lake Ann...praying for Brad as he shares the Word with the fresh start group...and I'm going to go say a prayer for little Ava now. Enjoy the time with your little family and the teens. I love being there when they make decisions and to hear the messages that they are hearing. Takes me back to our Skyview days...enjoy!! :)

Sandra said...

Thanks for joining in the fun at Today's Housewife! And thanks for sharing a link!