Wednesday, December 1, 2010

joy robber

it was another early start today.

At 5:40am I heard this voice {not a quiet one} YELLING my name. 5:40am.

We tried to ignore this voice and doze back off, while it babbled and yelled for fun.

But, funny, the harder we buried our heads in our pillows...the louder it became.

These are the days that my joy feels so easily robbed. When I would gladly choose sleep over joy. And I'm sure eyes are rolling... especially those who are nursing newborns around the clock, etc. But when you are USED to sleep. When you were getting sleep consistently...the game changes.

I need to get a grip. Perhaps this little voice is just preparing me for a certain event that will be taking place in about 5 months.

1 comment:

beccarankin said...

I know exactly how you feel! Those little voices are hard to hear that early in the morning!