Wednesday, April 6, 2011

34 weeks!

I love my husband. Obviously. Or, maybe not always so obviously... I love him. The almost 6 years we've been married have been one continual climb UP. Though we've gone through some DOWNS, too, I can honestly tell you that most of our married life has just been a big fat fun time. Praise the Lord! Today, April 6, 2011 is no different. I went to bed feeling sad and stressed about the idea of taking Ave's with me to my 34 week appointment. She's such a fun little girl and I love her so much... it's just that, she's busy. VERY busy. VERY curious. VERY two. :) All good things! Just, not so much at the OB office where there are lots of other people, mysterious tools, gels and machines... you get it. ;) Hubs has busy Wednesdays. They are youth group days and it usually takes hours of prep and all of that for a sucessful night. I try not to wear on him or burden him with extra work - including- extra trips. So I knew today would be a solo day attempting this OB appointment. This morning I noticed he was getting ready for work slower then normal. Then I noticed he was starting some work on the couch while Ave's and I ate breakfast. Sure enough the sneaky Pete had decided HIS FAMILY was more important, and he would be joining me for our dr's appointment. He'd entertain Ava, I'd get checked out, it worked. I don't say all of that as if it were a surprise or a first. Because, truth is, he does stuff like that ALL the time. Always giving. Always making my life easier. Always. I don't mirror that nearly as often as I could or should. {work in progress} But anyway - I love him and today I'm feeling so thankful for such a godly, loving man.
And now for the 34 week update:
Blood pressure and weight were "Fine". However, I hate that scale and what's with the tiniest nurses writing down my numbers?! the nurses eat?! I'm still measuring a week further along though no one is giving seriously thought or action towards what that means. I was the same way with Ava and she still came a week late! However, the nurse today looked over my charts like 3 times and made the comment, "I'm guessing you'll be scheduled for an ultrasound soon." As in, "wow, ma'am, you have a massive baby in there." And this I know. I have one more appointment in two weeks and then we'll start going EVERY week. Geeesh! I feel great, tired most of the time, but great. My appetite seems to be tapering off... guessing because my stomach is probably squished out of the way by this point? And, we almost have a name. Well, Brad almost has a name - he's naming this one... have I mentioned that yet? :)
Here's our 34 week pic! Mama and baby girl - growing, growing, growing.


beccarankin said...

You look so cute! And the skinny nurse thing! What is up with that? At least my skinny nurse never made me look at my weight, told me I was doing great... Yeah, yeah, yeah...:-) It will be fun to hear what the name is. Dustin picked out our second one, too. Mostly because we couldn't agree on a name and I finally got so frustrated I handed him a baby book and stood over him until he picked one.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

"Do the nurses eat?" I KNOW! Whats up with that?