Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Re-Cap

We started our Easter Prep about a week ago. This time last Monday Ava and I started making some Easter sugar cut-out cookies. I normally make my traditional Pecan Easter Bread - but, due to lack of energy... decided to stick with just cookies this year. We'll get back on the bread band wagon next year. :) Cookie making this year was a BLAST with this little girl! She really got into it and loved telling me about every design she was making.

We had tulip, butterfly, flower, cross, bunny, chick, egg and...strawberry shortcake cookies. She was so great at putting the sprinkles at just the right spot. And was so proud of each cookie she made! I loved listening to her chitter chatter the entire time - telling me all about it. It was such a fun bonding time for me and my little one. :) And of course the MOST FUN was getting to taste them afterwards -
What a fun memory made! The only problem was... once we got a taste of them - they didn't last long! {yay to mommy for making only a small batch of dough}

Easter Sunday we woke up and found these beautiful Tulips ready to be snipped and put in a vase on our kitchen table. We'd be waiting for them to bloom for several weeks. They are perfect! Another beautiful reminder of how special this holiday is for us as Believers. New Life!

My hubs was given the opportunity to baptize two teen guys during our first service. My eyes welled as I watched him dip the guys under - and hug them afterward. Amazing. Who would have even thought at the beginning of our romance that God would use us how He has been! We praise Him for saving these two teen guys and how He is already at work in their new lives! Humbling.

After the service we headed over to our big family dinner. No, really. MASSIVE amounts of family. Ava loves these times as she runs around with all of her cousins and laughs and just has a great time. We had a big meal, took pictures and had the annual candy hunt. :)

All the kiddos - the little ones, anyway. :) Next year we'll add another! And I know I'm biased but, man is this one especially darling...


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