Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When you listen to that "tiny" voice...

Heeding a call...
Listening to a prompt...

Call it what you will - but, I had one of those opportunities just today. A chance to listen to that sometimes whisper of a voice and find the full joy in doing so.

It was 11 o'clock and the countdown to lunch was on. I had been up early for one of my OB visits and was now on my way home with little girl chatting in the backseat. I had only mentioned the possibility of stopping by the church to see if "daddy had a few minutes to chat" when the same little girl insisted we stop. I paused. I was tired {but, what's new there?}, and still had lunch to pull together all before nap time. Sometimes these stops by daddy's work went just fine, sometimes they turn into a little mini-battle to get a certain little girl back OUT to our van. :) For some reason - I went for it. That little voice seemed to give a nod of approval - if voices nod.

We went in and chatted with some ladies for a few minutes. Daddy's meeting had already started so we wouldn't be able to see him afterall. We made our way to the library room and found a fun DVD to check out for later that day - and then it was time to head home. As we were leaving the fellowship hall some ladies were cleaning out a closet for one of our specialized ministries. I stopped by their table and made small talk - just connecting with some new faces. One of the new(er) faces asks me, "Do you need toothpaste?" as she extends a Walgreens bag to me. Hmmm... random. But, like a good young mother I said something witty like, "oh sure, saves me a trip down the road." To which the older lady smiled and agreed - pushing the bag into my hands. I didn't think much of it - but said thank you for the "toothpaste" and then grabbed up munchkin and headed out for the drive home.

Once everyone was loaded up I peeked into the bag just to see what exactly had just been given to me. To say I was blown away would be an understatement! I WAS SURPRISED and HUMBLED all at once by what I saw. 2 TUBES OF TOOTHPASTE, 4 TOOTHBRUSHES & 2 PACKS OF FLOSS!

It was like dental Christmas! I did a quick mental tally and figured out just what a real blessing this was. Wow! And all name brand items... All because I took the time to stop and listen to a little voice prompting that it might be nice to just "stop into the church". Now isn't our Jehovah Jireh a creative one? He sure blessed the socks off of this momma today.

It doesn't end there, either.

Upon arriving home and already feeling giddy about this blessing - I checked our mailbox. Inside it was a giant blue package from Similac - ya know, the baby formula company. They sent me two canisters of baby formula as I'm on some kind of mailing list. I just smiled. Not even surprised. And even though I'm planning to re-attempt nursing this baby... canisters of formula almost always come in handy, and they aren't cheap! The package also had several $5 off coupons for future purchases, etc. What a day of unexpected blessings and provisions!

I busted out our composition notebook that I keep to record every blessing we encounter and quickly wrote this all down. I can't wait for Ava to read this someday and see just how our God provides and cares for us... even for our teeth!