Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just how exactly does one FORGET about themselves?

I know I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I've been having these emotional moments where I just get weepy and it takes a few minutes to pull myself back together. So, as I write this post... I'm admitting that I may or may not sound extremely dramatic. We'll see. Ever feel forgotten? Lost in the crowd? Face with no name... etc.? Lately, I have been feeling like that. It creeps up on me and I try to hush it away in my mind - until all of the sudden it just hits FULL FORCE. Lost, lonely, grasping for... something. Which contradicts everything I believe about my position in Christ - accepted, forgiven, beloved. I'm still working through this whole forgetting myself and focusing on Christ thing. And honestly it will probably always be a daily battle - but, here's what I'm learning. - Focus on service to others. There is ALWAYS someone struggling more then me. - The Word of God is active and powerful - I need to stay in it. - It's really not about me. Ever. So how exactly does one forget about themselves? This is where the partially painful learning comes in, isn't it?! Lovely.

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