Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been working like a maniac to get this big girl room done. Why o why does it seem to be taking forever?! It could be this belly I've got in front of me - makes trimming VERY interesting. And, having your legs fall asleep while you are squatting to paint is a new experience. And did I mention feeling like you are about to pass about because you've had your arm above your head to touch up the ceiling line? :) Good thing I love this girl.

But in ALL seriousness - I am so enjoying working with all this pink paint, girly fabric, etc. :)

On top of painting I've been trying to get done the few little homemade pieces I'm putting together for her decorations {also fun!}. Here's a sneak peek at what I've been up to.

This fabric was on super sale at Hobby Lobby last week. I grabbed it up for the MEMO BOARD I'm working on. So easy to throw together. All you need is: - a cork board - batting - adhesive spray - fabric & ribbon - upholstry tacks - staple gun

While I'm not done yet... the process has gone like this, so far:

After you spray the adhesive spray on the corkboard, place batting over top and press to seal. Then begins the stapling of fabric over batting, onto the back of the board.

Here's the biggest "tool" I own minus my drill. It has served me faithfully! Once you have your batting and fabric stapled to the board it's time to start applying your ribbon and upholstry tacks however you'd like the design to go. Which, is where I am now. I'm looking for just the right tacks and haven't had any luck yet. :/ So while that project is frozen - I thought I'd start on this one:

Once finished, these wooden letters will be covered in the matching leftover material and hung above or near her big girl bed! I'm attempting this free hand without directions, so, we'll see. I just need to pick up more "stuffing" to make them puffy and get started. :) The best for this momma is the amazing sales I've found. These letters were marked WAAAAY down to $1.75/letter, the fabric was on sale and an additional 30% off and everything else I already had on hand. :)

So excited to make a special room for a special girl!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

All your work and projects looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished big girl room...but don't hurt yourself, okay?

Emily Howrylak said...

I LOVE the fabric and A.V.A Letters. U r more creative than what you give yourself credit for. I am praying hard for a smooth transition into this next couple months.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

So Cute! I can't wait to se the finished product, you Martha Stewart, you :)