Sunday, July 17, 2011

August Hope - 2 Months already?

This morning I was able to be back in church. Wow - what an encouragement to be back with the "body". What a blessing to be able to stand and sing to God and praise Him despite the hard times and questioning. It felt good. I'm so thankful for all the Lord has pulled me through, or, I should say carried me through. And deep inside somewhere I'm thankful that He has allowed me to go through this. I am learning things... but, still piecing those things together.

I realized that today is August' 2 month birthday! 2 months already?! Now I know I've been a pretty sick momma - but, has 2 whole entire months really just blown by? As I was holding her in church tonight I was just memorizing every movement and twitch as she slept. I've heard people say that baby #2 seems to grow a little bit faster... but, my heart is not ready for the speed of this kiddo. She is a gem.

August fun facts:

- At 2 months old she holds her head right up there!

- Cracks herself up. I've never seen such a little baby giggle so much. Especially loves mommas face and sisters singing.

- Still only drinking around 3 or 4 oz. at a time, doesn't seem to be as serious about eating as baby #1 was. Kinda takes her time and enjoys it.

- Sleeping around 5 to 6 hours at night. She was doing 11p-6a stretches while I was in the hospital. Let's just say... that has NOT been happening since I've gotten back. {It's like they know}

- Last week she weighed in at 12 pounds. :) Has her 2 mo appointment this week - we'll see what they say.

- Likes to sleep on her right side face buried in a blanket. Makes momma nervous, but, thats what she likes.

- Just started trying to touch things... mostly me, while eating. It's precious.

I found this pic of Ava around August' age now - and I just can't believe the similarities.

Ava around 6ish weeks...

And here below - August, this afternoon.

I should look harder and find pictures, because...seriously, it's like having another mini-Ava. :) Looks wise anyway. What a blessing this precious bundle is~ I love you August Hope!

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