Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

Several months ago I was able to read the book "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. I got it for FREE and it was such a timely blessing in my life... but not only a blessing, a challenge. While I knew we are commanded to "give thanks in all things" - so often I don't take that seriously.

I finished the book after highlighting and underlining it to death. I felt stronger, more thankful, or at least more aware to be thankful. It. was. good.

And then, as life went on I forgot.

I forgot to be thankful. I forgot the feel of the challenge, the tug on my soul to praise my maker daily in all the small ways I had noticed before. And I wondered why I felt so barren. {nevermind being pregnant and chasing a toddler around} My life was evidence of my absence of thanks. My husband sees it and my children experience it.


Julie, over at Whimsical Words, had a link up to this Multitudes on Monday idea. I have so loved reading the things she's giving thanks for and this weekend decided I'd like to hop on this train myself. So consider today my KICK OFF of thanksgiving!

One Thousand Gifts - #1-10

1) Summer mornings... with potted flowers on the front steps.

2) Children in matching footie pajamas

3) Sisters - watching them learn just how to be

4) Hot coffee with hazelnut creamer

5) the knowledge that none of this life is done on my OWN strength

6) silly 2 month old faces

7) baby giggles

8) 2 year old saying, "mom, I have a question"

9) bright green leaves blowing on the tree outside my bedroom window - reminder that summer is in full swing

10) piles of laundry. reminder of God's provision and lavishing on us.

Will you join me? Link up on Ann's page here and let's celebrate all the things we have to be thankful for!


Christina said...

Love #5. Welcome to the gratitude community! Counting the daily graces is life changing--so glad you've jumped in.

Julie Anne said...

so glad you jumped in... some days it's a daily battle to keep counting!!
I just finished One Thousand Gifts... and then my daughter spilled my coffee on it (not one of my grace filled moments) :)