Friday, July 22, 2011

Double sided heart

Life is weird. Lastnight we spent some time at a local splash park/pool with some friends - laughing, enjoying the water and just loving summer. Our children played, husbands rode the slides and we ladies got to chit chat. It actually felt like summer for me for the first time all year. {I even purchased a bathing suit!} The sky started out dark and ominous but it ended up sunny and perfect for swimming. The way some summer evenings are...

And while I was dangling toes in cool water, enjoying my 2 year olds shrieks of joy and fellowship with friends... my heart felt so torn. Life is weird because it goes on. My friend Becca is battling a disease - it's on my mind all the time. Right now things just don't look good, there's really no other way to say it. She has two precious little girls and a husband who loves her. My heart feels so double sided when things like this, in life, happen. How we have the capacity for extreme joy and fullness and deep grief all at once is amazing and complex. What a wonderful maker we serve. Please pray for Becca.

Today marks the last day of drugs for me. I take my very last dose of prednisone and I'm done. No more pain meds, no steroids, not even an antihistimine. I'm done! This is huge! I'm off all the creepy creams they gave me for my drug rash, too. Seriously - while God is good all the time - I'm especially grateful for His goodness in this area as I'm such an anti-medicine person. My liver enzyme count has normalized, white count is back to normal as well as platelets. Even just this last week I've seen a marked improvement in my energy level. Praise the Lord! Now... to work on this pasty, white colored skin.

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mandi~ I'm so glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy some of the blessings of summer! Woo-hoo for healing!
Praying for Becca, too. It does tear your heart to see a lovely person with a young family suffering.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your little sweeties!