Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ministry Update

Two weeks ago my hubs along with several of our teens made our/their first ever missions-trek down to Louisiana. New Orleans, to be more specific. While I didn't get to go with them - we prayed them on and now looking over their pics I know God is doing something big in our youth group. I'm so thankful for a husband whose passion for the Lost and for our God is so much bigger then I can understand sometimes.

We so desire for these teens to magnify the Lord with their lives! And its so refreshing and rewarding to hear the stories, see the pictures and hear the passion in their voices. May God be praised!

Brad put together a really cool video of their trip. If you have a second check it out here on Youtube. Very exciting stuff! :) So proud of my hubs and these students!

*Pictures courtesy of Elevate Student Ministry Facebook page.

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

We've never doubted once that Brad would make an awesome youth pastor! :) So thankful God is using you both! What a great example for you to set in letting your husband go even with a new baby and illness. Praying God will keep working!