Friday, July 29, 2011

The Gardening type

My thumbs are not green. In fact, they range in the brown to black area when it comes to gardening, plants, and even a vase of flowers. Call me death thumb - if you will. Because everytime I attempt to plant and grow anything... it dies a slow, pathetic, over or under watered, dried and shriveled death. I just can't get it right!

{Showing mommy her "dirty" hands}

Enter SUPER MOM idea #485409... attempting to teach Ava to plant and care for a garden. {are you keeping in mind what I just mentioned above?} Now chuckle.

Even though I can't grow dirt - that doesn't mean Ava doesn't have the FULL potential to be able to. So, last weekend we went to work. We dug holes, put the flowers in, watered them... and then a week later... we are watching them die. {sigh} But you know what - it was SO much fun to interact with her and talk about "sowing" and all of that. She loved watering the plants and in the process completely soaked herself under the spicket. The whole fam was outdoors for a good hour and it was lovely to just enjoy these overly-hot summer days together. Even August got in on the action by watching from her bouncy seat. :)

Maybe we'll try again in the fall with some good ol' mums?! This picture was taken when the plants were first potted... they are now a crispy brown color. I don't get it... maybe I'll stick to cooking.

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Jenifer said...

I am so with you! Lol! I kill every plant I touch. I either water too much or forget to water. Leave it in the sun too long or forget to give it sun. I just don't get it right! :) How wonderful that you are still attempting to teach your sweetie though.