Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Every bit of 3

Something has happened. It snuck up on me and almost caught me off guard. Sometimes I think it happened overnight - from one day to the next. She grew up. My chubby, precious, first born girl... is becoming a little lady. Her hair is long, she wants to wear dresses and skirts every day. She has opinions and speaks just as clearly as anyone. And now, out of nowhere she is thinking. I don't mean to say she never thought before in her little life - but, bigger thoughts are forming. She's smart.

Ava is learning so many things. Lord, use me to teach her the RIGHT and GOOD things. She is compassionate and tender towards her baby sister. She never harms her, or is rough with her - always patient, always gentle, always looking for ways to make her smile. For that I say, Thank you Lord!
Her pretend is extensive. She gives away Mommy's weakness by playing, "starbucks", on a usual basis. "Yes, I would like a tall mocha, please." {gulp!} She is learning to be sneaky, something we have to talk about a lot. I have found her hiding in weird places eating something she didn't ask for... little hoarder.
She loves to wear her fathers HUGE shirts for fun. She plays with hangers and pretends they are people. At bed time every, single, stuffed toy and baby doll she owns is in her bed with her. Along with several baby blankets, her full size quilt, and another shirt or 2 of her daddys. These are the precious things about her I never want to forget.

Her specific requests crack me up. "Mommy, did you remember to buy more of your diet popcorn?". "Can I please have a snack that is not a cheese stick or an apple." "I may please have more milk." I LOVE when she says "I may please have" or... "I think so I don't want anymore." :)

I love how at random times she feels lovey and will say "I love you" to me. I love how she is my constant companion during the day - even now, she is counting daddy's money on the floor near me. She's my girl. She is every bit of 3 that I imagined...and more.

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Angie said...

Such a wonderful age! Enjoy every single moment of it