Saturday, May 19, 2012

In His time.

I think it no strange coincidence that today is one of the open house saturdays for us. We had 6 graduates this year in our youth group - which, means we have 6 open houses to visit and celebrate. On top of it being an open house saturday it's also the first saturday in our "survivor month" menu plan. If you aren't familiar with that - all it means is, we eat what we have already in the house. Little to no money will be spent on groceries (except milk and maybe some produce). It helps when times are tight - and, challenges me to get creative. But I couldn't help but feel a teeny tiny bit discouraged as I rummaged through our freezer and cupboard to's a little depressing in there. Ha! The Lord is good, always. He knew this month would be tight for us - and I am so thankful for His provision of this Saturday of open houses. We get lunch and dinner out! What a treat!

I'm so thankful today for just how often the Holy Spirit calls to my mind these kinds of "circumstances". My God cares. My God sees. My God is always good and provides in His time. We are a grateful people today.

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