Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday {Memorial day edition}


I'm spending Memorial day with my parents here in Ohio. It's been wonderful to celebrate with them, and get to see my Grandpa - one of our vets! What a blessing to still have my grandparents still pouring into my life! 
Wherever you are this Memorial day - remember to take time and give thanks for those who gave their lives {and still are} for our American freedoms.

Let's do some HHM!

The weather:::

Yikes it's hot! It's been in the 90's for days and days and days. Ohio and Iowa weather is very similar.

On my reading pile:::  

I'm on a mini-vacation which means little to no time to read. Chasing children and visiting family is the name of the game. But, all that said, upon returning home its back to "Made to Crave" and starting up a new bible study reading through, "Strong women, Soft hearts" by Paula Rinehardt.

On my TV:::

Dad has the History channel on and we are all watching recaps of the wars fought in years gone by. Right now its focusing on the attack on Pearl Harbor. Seems unreal!

On the menu for this week:::

 Monday -   Cook out foods!
Tuesday -   on the road again... probably value menu items from who knows where. ick.
Wednesday - ??
Thursday -  ??
Friday -  ??
Saturday - PF Changs for a friends bday!   
Sunday -  ??
obviously not much menu planning was done for post-vacay :/

On my to do list:::

Relax :) 
and, possibly help mom tidy the home my kids are destroying! 

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

I finished my button monogram art for Auggies room! Need to take a pic and get one up to show you!

Summer Fun:::

Splash parks open this weekend! Free splashes and if you live in lunches!  

Looking around the house:::

Mom and Dad watching the TV. Hubby and 3 year old playing dominoes. Baby sleeping in our back room. It's calm and laid back :) 

From the camera:::
One of our teens was baptized this weekend! So exciting to continue to watch these kids grow!
 Something fun to share:::

I did a post about this already this week, but, really excited to try harder at finding deals at stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. I was so challenged by this gal and her blog posts about dressing well and spending little. :) The challenge digging through all the weird-ness on those racks is going to be fun!

On my prayer list:::

Our 12 hour drive home tomorrow. ugh. Please cover us in your prayers!

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Reminded yesterday of Hebrews 11 - the hall of faith! So many believers who lived for the Lord boldly and many times without knowing what was ahead. I want to be like that! 

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Anonymous said...

Prayers for safety and joy as you travel.