Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yikes! This is a BIG task

This weekend I had another one of "those" moments. The kind where you step back away from yourself and wherever you are and you get a glance... a look at your life. Now, when I say things like this to people I get a lot of weird looks. Hopefully I'm understood today. :) Sitting at Thomas Mitchell park this weekend watching my family just about took my breath away. We are right in the full and heavy part of the most amazing portion of life. Children are small and active and fun, husband is young and strong and handsome as ever...

Life is good.
My husband is faithful, Godly, patient and wonderful all rolled into one. My children are beautiful, healthy and FULL of life. We live in a safe, strong, happy, home. I have nothing to complain about. Really.

And yet, I manage to find things...
For example, yesterday. My neighbors {the ones with the annoying dogs, one of which bit the kid I babysit} bought 4 baby chicks a few weeks ago. They have been raising them - I guess - to sell. We live 2 mins from downtown so I am SURE they weren't for food. Also...did I mention we DON'T live on a farm?
Anyway, they have these chicks. And I admit they were cute in all their yellow fuzziness and chips and chirps. But then after a few days they were just ugly chickens. Mini chickens. I have had to call the police {Animal rescue} 3 times on these neighbors. They don't care for animals well, and I'm not the kind of person to sit around and watch animals suffer and die. Though I am also not a "save the animals" kind of person outside of this realm. Jus' sayin. Yesterday they left the chickens out for the entire day in a metal cage in 90 degree weather. Imagine my horror to look up from washing dishes at the sink to see not 1, not 2, but all 4 chickens DEAD from heat. I cried. I was so severely frustrated and angry with these people who are so lazy and uncaring. How could you think for 2 seconds that animals could live in a HOT, METAL, cage all day in this heat?! And I felt sorry for the dumb chickens... But I was enraged that my daughter had to see that, and I was horrified that I was crying over dead chickens and that things like this keep happening with these neighbor people! So my husband was greeted by teary eyes (from me) and a frantic toddler explaining "da chickens are all dead, what happened? What happened? Why is mommy crying?" Lovely.

And then I remember. Life is still good. Well, not for the chickens. But, still good. And then I look and see my girl acting JUST LIKE ME... all spazzy and crazy over the situation and it dawns on me... she's simply imitating. Am I even handling this situation the right way? Answer = no. She heard me bash and grumble about "the neighbors" and she watched my expressions and overreactions and...but she also saw my tears and we had a good talk about why we take care of animals. God gave us authority and dominion over them - to care for them and use them correctly. It was a YIKES moment. This momma thing, this parenting job, is a HUGE deal. And it's these silly little moments in life that seem to impact the most. So now I'm backtracking and reteaching. I can't take back my initial reactions - but, Ava is open to learning and I hope to explain how I was wrong and teach her how to make it right. In doing so... wow have I learned some things.

But, can I throw in one more thing here?
PLEASE shade and water your animals. For the love of all things!

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