Saturday, May 26, 2012

.::The funny thing about style::.

I'm happy to admit that I'm not stylish. I'm not.
When I go into stores i have no idea what I'm looking for or what goes with what. Clueless. Same with jewelry and pairing things with certain outfits...duh...what?! But I'm surrounded by stylish friends - cute outfits, fun hairdos, stylista type jewelry and accessories to boot - cute, cute, cute ladies. They usually inspire me to at least try something new. Though, to be honest, sometimes I just feel plain ol' PLAIN. My solid shirts {that I have one of each color}, jeans and black skirts leave something to be desired. I know ultimately that this does not matter in light of eternity. Let me state that again. This is NOT important or counted into my eternity with Christ. Many times I justify my plainness {to myself} by saying I'm plain so I don't use my $$ on clothing, etc. But then I end up using my "extra" money on Starbucks healthy smoothies or some kind of edible something er other. Which, in turn, helps no one, including my waistline.

But, sometimes I think it would be fun to have some style. I'd love to come downstairs some morning and have my husband be wowed by a cute outfit, or, to notice some stylish earrings during a church service. And, let me be clear that my husband is AWESOME at encouraging me and building me up with compliments. :) So don't think he never does. He does. This week I came across a blog called, "Biblical Homemaking". The gals name is Mandy, another reason I already like her. {grin} But, she for real has some cute cute posts! She does a "series" called, "What I wore this week" and posts what her outfits were each week. She incorporates where she finds her stylish pieces and gives great ideas on what looks great together. Check out her site here. I love her use of two of my favorite stores - Salvation Army and Goodwill. However, I believe her Texan stores must have a ton more variety then my little ol' store up the street. She's also a big Ebay buyer, yard sale shopper, and basically deal finder. I loved her post this week and I loved her outfits! I love her "put togethers". I never would think to wear a sheer shirt like this - with a belt. And yet, looks fantastic, eh?
So, yea... really excited to continue following her and maybe trying some of her ideas. Also really excited to save my pennies and branch out a bit and pick up something new next time I'm at one of "my" stores. :) 

Today I already tried something - a safe something - the accent nail. You know...the one nail on each hand that is painted a different color then the rest. I know, daring! So far hubs has not noticed. :) But, I feel cute and motivated to dress this God-given bod and glorify Him even by what I wear! And, for the record, this is not my hand or nails... i wouldn't know how to wear those bracelets. :) hehehhe.
What about you? Trying anything new to bless your husband by how you look? What are your secrets to scoring sweet deals and cute looks for less? 

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm sooooo not a "natural" when it comes to putting outfits together -- but would you believe I think Pinterest has helped me in that area? Usually the outfits I pin are not so affordable but I try to remember the color combinations and stuff and it helps me when I go into a store to look for things that I can actually afford! I want to look attractive for my husband and I also want to try to be somewhat {modestly and age appropriately} trendy so that my girls will respect my fashion when they get that just a pipe dream? :) But I have to remind myself that it can too easily become a focus -- def not something that matters in light of eternity! (And quite frankly, sometimes I wish I lived somewhere where I wasn't surrounded by so many stylish people :)