Monday, May 21, 2012

Good morning friends. It's Monday - are we ready? I woke up early {before the family} and had a great time with my hot coffee and the Word of God. So thankful for the reminder from Psalm 121 - HE is our help, He never sleeps, He is our keeper. Hoping to kick off this week with a bang! Here.we.go.
Happy Homemaker Monday 
The Weather:: 80's and some 90's this week! Lovin' some summer weather! 

On my reading pile:: Back into finishing "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkuerst. Want to get that finished up in the next few weeks. My sweet friend Emily and I have been reading it through together as a bible study.

On my TV:: Kids are watching some My Little Pony. Then its off for the day - much to do. Hubs will probably turn on some NBA playoffs tonight... and then I'll doze on the couch. 

On the menu for this week::
Monday - Cube Steaks, not sure what I'm doing with them yet. But, found them in the freezer.
Tuesday - Creamy potato soup
Wednesday - Walking Tacos and sno cones with the teens at church
Thursday - Open house food for another teen! 
Friday - Momma's home cooking {we'll be in Ohio with my family!!!}
Saturday - Same
Sunday - Same

On my to do list::
Laundry day! 
Call to make Aug's next dr appt.
Mopping linoleum floors - ick! 

Looking around the house::
The baby is pulling out every one of my plastic freezer bags and playing with them. Hubby is sitting across from me studying for Wednesday night. Kitchen is clean!!! {did it last night} Sun is shining in the back door window and it's already amazing outside!

From the camera:: 
Just another reason why I LOVE our church family. Our tech guy caught this pic during our worship time. Some of our senior ladies juts loving each other. Precious.

Something fun to share::
Not sure if this is really "fun". My family is doing "Survivor Month" for eating, until the end of May - possibly into June if we can. What this means is that we will eat off of what we already have in the home. I will only purchase milk and produce as needed, and not very often. It helps us save money when it's a little tight and causes me to use all the creative juices I have! :) 

On my prayer list::
My teens. Everyone just seems to be sta-rug-a-ling lately. :/ 
Our van, it's in the shop now... praying it's nothing serious.

Bible Verse/Devotional::
Still reading through Ezekiel - wow, it's very interesting! I'd challenge you to take a few days and check it out (with a study bible on hand).


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to 'tipnut' and this is what they had for cube steak (although it's too late for you to use the site now):
Scott and my first 7 years of marriage we lived on under 12,000 every year... then under 8,000 the 8th year... then the Lord began providing more and I was able to stay at home. I am so thankful. It is such a great testimony to God's perfect provision for your beautiful family.
praying for you

Anonymous said...

oops... my thoughts didn't translate into my typing! I meant to say that your posts are such a great testimony to God's provision for your beautiful family. :-)